Monday, July 04, 2011

Another step in the path

I've been immersed in the world of the Foo Fighters.

I've just finished watching the documentary "Back and Forth" which was incredibly interesting.
When it comes to following bands I have never been bleeding edge; I've never been a cool kid. I always thought of Paul as my favourite Beatle, when those who supposedly know better would always pick George then John, then possibly even Ringo beforehand.

Even when it comes to the Foo Fighters, I'll post an acoustic number rather than something indie from the first album that was a defining moment for the band.

Although I admire the musical layering on what otherwise may be seen as a simple song like The Pretender - the song that stays with me long after my stereo is wound back from 11 would be this little number from Skin and Bone.


Jacie said...

I went on a youtube ramble through Foo Fighters songs thanks to your posting of this and eventually ended up with Pete Doherty - 6 degrees of youtube separation!

Mark J said...

Hi Jacie - thanks for the comments both here an on the "Splendid" post. I really appreciate you dropping by to say what's on your mind. It makes my day :)