Saturday, May 14, 2011

Out of limbo

I got a new job yesterday.
Over one hundred people applied, and when my new manager gave me the good news he actually mentioned the high caliber of the shortlist, and how pleased he was that he had me to choose.

This new job is requires an entirely new skill set - one that I must develop over time from scratch. I look forward to the challenge - the focus, and the change. I'm just not as happy as I should be; and that makes me angry.

Knowing what you really want is a curse of sorts - especially if it's nothing you can plan or work toward. I guess that every now and again you have to rely on someone else to make a difference, even if you're used to flying solo.

And flying solo is something I'm sick of right now.


Cian said...

Congrats on the New Job! I always think that one of the nicest things about getting a new job is that you picked over the other candidates. It was felt that you were the best or most appropriate for the role. Its gotta give you a boost eh?

Anyway wishing you lots of luck and enjoyment with your new journey.

Mark J said...

Thanks Cian - I'm sure it will be a challenge, but it's one I've been missing for a while. :)

Deadlyjelly said...

Congratulations! And cheer up, you big misery guts. New job, you rock, yay!


Mark J said...

Jobs come and go, and although they tend to define those of us that subscribe to that doctrine - I'd rather be in love and loved.

I wonder if the reverse is true. I suspect not.

So; tell me dreadfuljelly would you give it all up for the job of a lifetime?

And what could that job possibly be?


Deadlyjelly said...

I'd dump Andrew in a heartbeat to be an international jewel thief. Sadly, that career path is not only fraught, but I don't have a good enough arse for it.


Mark J said...

I think women should automatically be excluded from their own arse-judgery. I mean what really makes a perfect behind ? Ask any Guy or Lesbian.