Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nothing to see here

I haven't been around of late. Any communications to the outside world are simply two line updates on twitter or Facebook.

I've been in Christchurch for another week now. As much as it feels odd to say this - things seem to be getting back to normal.

Except really - they aren't.

The real risk with all this is that we have almost acclimatized to the status quo. The signs and symptoms of the quake are still there to be seen but we have normalized or trivialized their existence.

All this would be fine if everyone had power - if everyone had running water - or if everyone had a working sewerage system.

Now the media have thrown away this poor cousin for the horrors of Japan, I worry if the rest of us will also see Christchurch as secondary.

I just worry when I hear of adult men bursting into tears when they're offered a chemical toilet; when people are so grateful for fresh water and a hot meal.

There was an earthquake here. Lest we forget.


Cian said...

I've never seen that quote before, but it is so bloody true. Somehow it is hitting a nerve right now and it makes me sad when I see what is happening around us.

The first time I heard about Japan Earthquake last Friday was from an old friend in Tokyo I've not seen in years. Thankfully she, her family and friends are fine. Great that global communication worked, but yet I feel extra isolated. It is at times like these I want to be close to friends and family; give all a hug and tell them I love them.

Okay - you stay safe in Christchurch now.

Mark J said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Cian

The sad thing is, since my involvement with this disaster I've been unable to think or write about anything else. I've put off updating here simply because, at the end of a long day, I dont see the point of revisiting it once again.

I need to work on a happy post - maybe tonight :)

Jacie said...

Hi Mark
good to see you back online - have been thinking about you. Love that quote too