Saturday, March 19, 2011

Being there

The question; is one man meant for one woman?

But it is not an interesting question.

It is the question of a little girl, who believes in fairy tales.

No. It's an everyone question.

I am constantly surprised at what I take for granted.
What I think is, and isn't; and how I can never decipher the difference.

I once thought I had a grip on this life.
Then, much later I realized I knew much less.
As time goes on I see the chaos; I see the subtle shifts in the ebb and flow.
I see it - but its meaning is lost to me now.
I just see that at the end of all of this, all we have is each other.

Our time will come and go; others will take our place. For a time we will remain a memory then that too will be gone.


When we reach out a hand, touch a shoulder, hug a friend - in that moment we are immortal. The strength we give each other in these times of need is so great - yet it never seems enough.

In that instant, that time to shine, I wish I was all I could be and more.

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