Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shiny floor indeed

Deadly Jelly stole my copy of Knight and Day.

(she texted)
Can we borrow Knight and Day?
Your floor's very shiny, quite impressed x

I only say this, because in shorter order we will doubtlessly see a @deadlyjelly review of "Knight and Day", and I very much suspect it will not show me in a good light.

I've been thinking about this film most of the day. I think I like it.
I've been wondering why.

I think it's because I've come to hate "You've got Mail" mostly.

This is the synopsis of You've Got Mail;

Boy and Girl cheat of each others respective partners by developing an online relationship.
Real world Girl and Real world Boy meet - Real world Boy lies about who he is
Real world Girl finds about Real world boy at party - Real world Boy acts like an arse.
Real world Boy casually sets out to destroy Real world girls business
Real world Boy finds out girl is actually online girl - but doesn't tell her.
Real world Boy sets out to woo online girl - all the time hiding who he really is (Online Boy)
Online boy arranges with online girl to meet him finally. Realworld boy tries to stop Realworld Girl meeting Online boy.
Real world girl turns down Real world boy to meet online Boy
Online girl meets Online boy and finds out he's Real world Boy - and doesn't kill him on the spot
Real world girl always hoped Real world Boy would be online boy.
They kiss - dog nuzzles crotch.


Knight and Day may be complete bollocks as well.
But it's good spirited bollocks, where the good guys are good and the bad guys aren't grey.
The romantic leads seem like good people.
Tom doesn't shag Cameron Diaz after 5 minutes - or 10 even.

It's light hearted, whimsical, and a nice bit of chewing gum for the mind.

And right now - that seems a pretty good fit for me.

Plus Tom didnt smile too much.

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Cian O'Reilly said...


There seems to be some spam in your post. There is a whole paragraph of crap which should not be in there. I'm sure you meant to post:

This is the synopsis of You've Got Mail:

And even that sounds rather Irish. I may have gone with:
This is the synopsis of You've Got Mail:


This is the synopsis of You've Got Mail:
Who cares

The IMDB gives it 6.3 - I know I have not seen it, but my God the production company must have setup a lot of logins on IMDB to get it that score.

On another note was thinking about you on Monday night when I saw a trailer for 'The Tourist'. Angelina was looking rather hot. I have an idea for a new movie. I'd pay to see Angelina slap Meg Ryan a few times across the face. Even better she could slap Meg and Gwyneth, one with the left hand, the other with the right. I'd be happy even if it was just a short.