Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Jed got stoned.

It's no secret that a friend is someone who lets you help [1].

There's a certain irony at play here. I love to help, but hate being helped.
I'd been looking forward to staying with Niamh and Andrew, but soon after stepping off the plane I realised my weekend away was going to be difficult for me.

You see - They were the perfect hosts.

They let me sleep in, they took me fishing. In the evening before the sun set Niamh and I would take Jed for a walk, throwing his ball; laughing as he bounded down the bush and scrub with a mix of dogged determination and lack of self preservation.

I even got to do real guy stuff with Andrew when we rebuilt his KTM's water pump (twice).

They cooked, made pizzas, muffins, and margaritas. They wouldn't let me do a.god.damn.thing.

It was cruel and unusual punishment.

I may have shared my stash with Jed in a fit of desperation.

Well - I felt better afterward :)


Cian said...

Delighted to hear that you helped Andrew build the water pump twice. I can pretend that you did it once for you and once for me. If I tried to help - well I'm not sure that it would actually pump water afterward.

Looking forward to getting there in a few weeks!

Deadlyjelly said...

Hey! You are TOTALLY misrepresenting me: I made you wash a lettuce, remember? Thought I had to establish my friend status.

So THAT'S what happened to my dog. He's been lying around talking shite since you left.


Deadlyjelly said...

Cian - look forward to seeing you next month! Although Mark was the perfect house guest (apart from the BITCHIN mother of god; Mark don't even try to deny it, your post is ample evidence) you have an unfair advantage with the Taytos.


Mark J said...

You da bee's knees baby.

Next time must do's
1) Catch fish
2) Drink more Margaritas

Thats it for now x