Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sing this with me - this is 40.

I dont drink anymore, was my mantra.

So; we met at her house at 6pm; opened the bubbles, and started to drink.
Turns out she knew her husband too well and smelled a rat.
Fifteen minutes later we were in an 18 person stretched Hummer limo, on the way to god knows where.

We arrived, we drank. We drank some more.
Time flew - did i mention there was a lot more drinking, even more singing and dancing.

Three days later I miss it, perhaps because I realize that great moments in life are invariably inter-dispersed with incredibly boring parts as well.

In the meantime I wonder many things;

I think about the happy
I think about the laughter
I think about the honesty
The good will and the things we say when we're uncool.

And I cant help but wonder how much of me, is drunk me.

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