Saturday, October 03, 2009

Its my mind, and it will be as crazy as I want!

A few weeks ago my manager recommended that I attend a management workshop. She saw me as a litmus test for our team and wanted to know if I though it would be worthwhile. I have to admit I was concerned that she chose me first for a resiliency workshop, but I was open to improving my ability to deal with the pressure and time constraints I was dealing with.

As a part of the training I received a follow up meeting with the presenter. I had a good rapport with her so it was an enjoyable experience. She thought that I had a lot of potential as a people manager, and to be honest with you, although that wasnt necessarily an area I wanted to explore , I found the resiliance traing to be totally worthwhile.

She asked it I wanted to continue with the training, and explained her philosophy on where we would go from here; while I expected the extra sessions to focus on my work, It turns out that the approach she takes is whole-istic in nature and would cover my private life as well. She stated that resilience in life comes from our whole life and not just a part of it. What we do away from our work, the way we approach our lives, and every every facet of it contributes to the whole.

The more I think about it - the less I want someone knowing about my private life. I've come to realise I'm extremely selective about what I tell people - even when it comes to my closest friends. If I did start letting go - well then we'd probably have something like this actually :)

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