Friday, July 10, 2009


A few things yet to come, including a post about mostly being wrong, and still having trouble admitting it.
Perhaps, yet another less interesting saga about the dangers of burnout, but not right now...

For now is just a short note to sing the praises of getting away from normal surroundings, and spending time with people you've known long enough to call family.

That and copious glasses of red wine...
Friends and wine mixed with laughter - 'tis the stuff worth living for.


Kris said...

Hear, hear!

Hmmm, about a bit over a year ago you dropped by my blog and complimented me and said you'd link to it. Then I stopped writing. But now I'm back. With a new title and link, but still me. Thought I'd let you know, and also say that I love your blog LOTS. I've always thought you were funny and a good writer.

Mark J said...

Thanks Kris,
I cant wait to take a look at your new blog - your writing inspired me and it was sad to see you not posting after I linked.
Recently my life has been rather crazy and I really havent been in the mood to post - I expect I'll be back to my old manic self soon :)

Thanks for the lovely comments - I often think I'm talking to myself with the posts and often get a bit of a shock when someone actually comments!

Take care :)