Saturday, May 09, 2009


I don't have many dreams of what the future may bring, but recently I have had a desire to retire near the sea.
I love walking on the beach, watching the waves meet the shore, no matter what weather.

Inside, behind my double glazing, and open fire, I'd love an open plan home with mezzanine floors from bedrooms above, creating the antithesis of living in a home where every room is closed to the one before.

I love the grandeur of vertical spires, and horizontal adjuncts that serve little purpose but to frame a desire; a desire to make something beautiful as well as functional.

This house has always moved me, and although my budget may not extend to this exactly :) , the ideas that went into its design, still live on in my heart.


Shars said...


Anonymous said...

can I retire there with you?
Being surrounded by trees makes me feel so safe.


Mark J said...

Had a weird dream the other night - drinking a hot drink looking out to the sea on a stormy winter afternoon from my beach house. For some strange reason the girl with me was wearing a grey turtleneck sweater.. yeah I know .... much too late for therapy now :)