Friday, December 26, 2008


I'm in Dunedin.

I say this as information, but also partly as an affirmation; all this because it doesn't feel like I'm actually here yet.

Hitting the ground running after arriving late, I find myself missing something. Today, in the madness of Boxing Day sales I was less than enthused with the wall to wall people. It occurred to me that perhaps I had become a stranger to this city; this life, and that I could no longer be taken from one existence, and dropped into another.

That and the fact I saw NO ONE I knew.

I know this too will pass, but right now I crave some normalcy. My friends have also changed - I am beginning to suspect they have been swapped like in some Z grade Sunday afternoon movie plot - Invaders of the Body Snatchers or some such ilk.

For example: Matt has a totally new hair style - and I'm pretty sure there was no "product" in there AT ALL .... and IG... Well IG is going camping for goodness sake. Camping - with tents and shit - if that isn't enough to keep you up at night......Cats my Dogs!

Coupled with all this madness is the impending realization that another year has passed, and I will soon have no choice but subconsciously grade myself on my 2008 experience.

I have to say plan B is looking a much more satisfactory option; I just need to find the proper balance of vodka and red wine - tricky, since I failed so dismally last new years eve. Turns out this old dog can learn some new tricks;

1) You CAN have too much of a good thing actually.


2) The resulting bad can last for days.....


Di Mackey said...

Mmmm, I self-medicated with quite some red wine yesterday ... uffff today was long ;)

Good luck with new year and 'the balance' - wish you were over here.

Jule's Short Story said...

The no one you knew thing, very sobering. Think you need to travel, listen to cousin Di, she knows best. Really :)

No such thing as too much of a good thing, depending on what that is of course. I can stand a good hangover, usually worth it in my experience.

Mark J said...

Was a tad "tongue in cheek" Jules, but like everything I've been writing here, there is a grain of truth nestled in there somewhere.

Of course you're correct about the traveling - and 2009 should see me well under the thumb of Aunty Di :)