Thursday, January 13, 2011

Maybe knowing less is more

It's amazing how you always come back to certain songs.
No matter how many times you may have heard it; after some time apart you always get back together, because it resonates somehow.
I like that often you don't even know why.
I've come to believe that we can look to closely for reasons. I wonder if by trying to understand everything, we lose something in the process.

Perhaps in more than one way, ignorance is truly bliss?


Jacie said...

Hey Mark that put a big smile on my face - love that song too and had forgotten all about it :)

Mark J said...

I'm totally astounded by how many great songs I've forgotten over the years - it's great when you find them again. Happy New Year Jacie !

Deadlyjelly said...

'Perhaps in more than one way, ignorance is truly bliss?'

Try masturbation.

Sorry I can't access the song. Husband won't allow me because he needs to use the telephone, or, like, WHATEVER.


Mark J said...

I too am sorry you cant access the song, and as for the other piece of advice I've tried but I've never been one to chew my food thoroughly.