Saturday, September 12, 2009

The story thus far

This island seems to know me.
This island seems to know what I need.

Every night back home when I go to sleep I play the sound of a tropical storm on my iPod. The wind and the rain lull me to sleep, and tonight I get the real McCoy here on Aitutaki.
When I first arrived here I was greeted by two cats owned by the resort - I'd see them from time to time as we crossed paths. Being the social animals they are they always say hello in their own manner before we go on our seperate ways. When the rains came one of them dropped by for a chat; sodden and miserable I invited her is, dried her off, and together we watched the palm trees strain against the driving wind and rain. As the day drew on we both fell asleep, content to be where we were in that time and place.

On a less harmonious note I can say that driving in to a tropical rain storm at 60kph on a scooter with no helmet makes for an excellent, if not stinging facial. Also an unfortunate accident with a malfunctioning underarm aerosol can has resulted in a partial (although slowly improving) loss of vision in one eye.

But Hey - maybe the Island has a reason for that too.

Me? I'm just rolling with it :)


Jacie said...

It sounds amazing - I'm seriously jealous now! Hope you and the cat don't get too attached - I still miss Lala the big, wild maremma sheepdog who used to sleep every night on the doorstep of our remote italian converted convent and protect us from imagined beasties. Enjoy your retreat

Deadlyjelly said...

Sounds like bliss.


Mark J said...

sorry for the lack of comments guys - the internet here is so slow - it seriously takes me 20 minutes just to approve comments :)

I will have to post pictures later - this is just impossible - yet strangely satisfying :)